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The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.


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Client Services

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy allows for the client and therapist to engage in a face to face interaction that is in-depth and explorative set within an empathetic, non-judgemental and compassionate space.
Together, the client and the therapist set goals for improving mental well-being. People learn important skills for handling challenging situations, making healthy decisions and becoming more self-aware.

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Depression, AnxietyTrauma & Abuse, Grief, Loss, Relationship concerns, Self-harm, Suicidal Ideation, Obsessions & Compulsions, Self-esteem, Self-worth & Confidence, Culture, Race and Immigration, Sexuality, LGBTQIA+ Challenges

Couple Therapy/ Marriage Counselling

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling allows for the therapist and the couple to work on other relationship dynamics by breaking unhealthy patterns, improving communication, resolving conflict and gaining insight into their relationship. Most people, no matter what they presenting concerns are struggling with how to engage more effectively, more fully and more rewardingly in relationships with those around them. Couples Therapist assists clients to understand the dance they have co-created in the relationship and teach them skills to break the unhealthy patterns by coaching them to be brave and vulnerable instead of fearful and defensive.

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Attachment, Injuries, Trauma, Trust, Infidelity, Communication, Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, Fertility issues, Control & Abuse

Family Therapy

Family counselling is designed to specifically address issues that affect the functioning and mental well-being of all members of a family. Families benefit from therapy when they go through stressful or transitional events that strain family relationships. The therapist holds a safe space for each member of the family to express themselves non-judgementally and be vulnerable in front of their families. It promotes collaboration, understanding and connection in the family.

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Parenting Strategies, Teenage Challenges, Conflict Resolution

Pre-marital Therapy

Premarital therapy allows couples to explore their strengths and challenges early on, identify any potential sources of conflicts and teach partners effective communication strategies for discussing and resolving conflicts. It is benefits couples who are considering long-term commitments such as marriage.

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Conflicts, Decision Making, Career Goals, Family Dynamics, Communication, Building Trust

Children's mental health

We can help with over 21 years of experience in Children's mental health and behavioural concerns. We offer a safe, non-judgmental and friendly space to support children, youth and caregivers as they explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences using a mix of creativity, play and talk therapy. We work collaboratively with children, youth and their supports systems to dig deeper into clients' experiences, understanding of their world and their perception of self. Please reach out today for a free consultation.

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Adolescent struggling, emotional dis-regulation, social anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, poor body image, behavioural difficulties, traumatic events, separation and divorce,

grief and loss