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Anxiety is a survival mechanism and body’s natural response to threat. We are wired with a stress system that is triggered when a potential threat is perceived. The threat may be concrete, like being chased by a bear, or it may be abstract, like worrying about how well a work project or exam.Therapy increases your ability to understand your body’s response to threat and doing what you can to either eliminate those stressors or help regulate your reaction to them.

Symptoms of anxiety include panic attacks, dizziness, sudden waves of fear, tension, nausea, heart palpitations alongside with other physical symptoms. Counseling tends to be prescribed for several anxiety disorders. These include Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and phobias such as fear of spiders and height.

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Therapy increases your ability to understand your body’s response to threat and doing what you can to either eliminate those stressors or help regulate your reaction to them.




Depression, whether relatively mild or more serious, is an uncomfortable experience for anyone who encounters it. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), depression affects nearly 300 million people around the world.

Depression occurs in two main forms: seasonal affective disorder and the major depressive disorder. The seasonal depression is common during the winter months and is prevalent in people living in colder climates. The major depressive episode is defined by DSM-V as the loss of interest, pleasure or mood in nearly every activity for a period of at least two weeks.

Occasional feelings of depression especially when things don’t turn out as you had expected is normal. However, when these feelings and symptoms become persistent, it may be a sign that it is time for you to get professional help.



Individual Counseling

Trauma Counseling

A trauma is any experience that overwhelms the brain’s ability to cope both in the moment and in the aftermath. Trauma is a sensory experience and is trapped in our body, which interferes with out ability to move on with life. I am a Certified Trauma Integration Clinician and integrate body-based approaches in conjunction with talk therapy to help people overcome trauma.



Marriage Counseling

We are relational creatures and are constantly looking for a sense of connection through our environment. Our sense of safety and belonging comes from people around us hence, we are constantly caught in an action reaction dance and often try to obtain that sense of connection in ways that can trigger our partner’s vulnerabilities and survival strategies unknowingly. Most people, no matter what their presenting complaint, struggle with how to engage more effectively, more fully and more rewardingly in relationships with those around them. I help my clients understand the dance they have co-created in the relationship and teach them skills to break the unhealthy patterns by coaching them to be brave and vulnerable instead of fearful and defensive.




Although parenting is the most rewarding and unique experience it can be very overwhelming as parenting is not that easy, and it requires one to deliberately develop some essential skills.

Some of the areas that are covered through parenting counseling include attachment focused positive parenting, effective communication strategies, managing difficult behaviors, setting healthy boundaries, implementing appropriate consequences and managing sibling rivalry effectively. I also specialize in children with behavioral issues and different needs such as Autism, ADD and AHDH.





Children Mental Health Services

Often times children don’t know how to articulate their emotions, thoughts and feelings as they are programed to operate on a fight, flight and freeze response. The only way they express all emotions and feelings is through behavior which can be overwhelming and confusing for the care givers. At SHC we provide families/children support to help develop the skills so they can name, understand and express difficult emotions in constructive ways. We truly believe that each child is unique in their own ways.

We provide counselling services for difficulties or traits associated with:

  • Anxiety and Drepssion

  • Trauma 

  • Social Skills, Emotional and Beharvioral Difficulties

  • Adjustment disorder 

  • Confidence and self esteem issues 

  • Stress management

  • Sand tray work with child and adult clients to process trauma

  • Clay work with adolescent to resolve behavioural issue

  • Trauma Processing through Bodyworks

Clinical Supervision
and Consultation

I truly believe that strong Clinical supervision plays an integral role in a therapist professional growth. I have been providing clinical supervision for over 15 years to psychotherapists and master level students. I am an approved supervisor by CRPO. My philosophy of clinical supervision lies into building trust, creating safety and mutual respect. I trust that all clinicians have their own expertise. As a supervisor I respect and value knowledge, perspectives and insights of my supervisees. Although supervision is not therapy is can create opportunities for endless learning by increasing awareness of self, exploring assumptions without judgement and understanding how your own values and biases inform your work. My goal is to enhance my supervisees skills, awareness and confidence in their work through ongoing support, guidance and mentoring.

I provide individual and group supervision.

Individual Supervision

Group supervision (2 hours of clinical supervision in a group of 4, groups are created based on interest, experience and expertise to maximize the benefit for all participants)


Learn more on our Supervision FAQs page.

Assessment and Diagnosis

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